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Our Story

At Indigenous Arms 1680 we pride ourselves in treating everyone like family. It’s who we are and it’s engrained in everything we do. We are proud to be Native owned and descended from a noble heritage of men and women who fight for their community. We are advocates for responsible firearm ownership, staunch believers in training at all levels, and most of all, being safe at all times. 

The brand started as a passion project, selling firearms out of a shed in the owner's back yard believe it or not! From there, it turned into what it is today. We are a community of devout individuals who all share in the same beliefs; 

to protect, promote, and preserve.

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Joe Talachy is the owner and founder of Indigenous Arms 1680 Ltd. After an extensive career in law enforcement and tribal government, Joe decided to dedicate himself to all things outdoors. Joe finds peace in being in nature and wants to share that with his community. Joe is an expert in firearms and teaches many of IA’s gun and rifle classes.

Derrick Rael is originally from Santa Fe and has been a member of the Indigenous Arms team since 2022. He has been a hunter since he was four years old and is also a religious golfer with a 4 handicap! What Derrick enjoys most about working at IA is meeting new people, getting to know his customers, and teasing the rest of the IA team. Derrick definitely brings the fun!

Steven Hampshire grew up in Santa Fe and brings so much to the Indigenous Arms family! He teaches our concealed carry course as a USCCA certified concealed carry instructor and NRA certified range safety officer. Steven is also NM state certified instructor and NM Game and Fish hunter safety instructor. And even with all of his training, he still found time to be an expert welder, while also enjoying races cars, leather work, and is an auto repair hobbyist! 

 Boomer is…Boomer!

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Blue is the most adorable member of the Indigenous Arms family. Whether he/she is lying on their dog bed begrudgingly, trying to sneak up on the leather couches, or escorting customers around the store, he/she brings her/his relaxed canine personality to all he/she does. When not supervising operations at IA, Blue loves to be outdoors on the trails with Joe. Thank you to Espanola Humane for bringing Blue into the family!

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