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Long Range Shooting / Hunting

New Mexico, with it's diverse landscapes and rural countryside is a great place to put your skills to the test when it comes to distance. Our Long Range Shooting class will cover the fundamentals of equipment and the techniques needed to accurately hit a target beyond 500 yards.

Image by Acton Crawford

Students will receive a mix of both classroom and range time education. Every student should bring a rifle in a caliber suitable for shooting at distance. Your rifle should also have an optic that is at least bore sighted before class.

If you own a suppressor you're welcome to shoot with it during class. You will need to show a copy of your Tax Stamp in compliance with state and federal laws.

Things you'll need

Image by Jay Rembert

150 Rounds of Ammo


Eye and Ear Protection

Image by Elijah Mears

Scope / Binoculars


Shooting Mat

Image by Pedro Araújo

Pen and Paper

Refillable Water Bottle

Water / Bottle

Also bring a ballistic calculator (can be an app on your phone) and shooting sticks or a bipod if you plan on using them in the field.

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