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Basic Rifle

Our Basic Rifle class is designed to help students become familiar with the operation and maintenance of their weapons. The class helps you become more proficient with shooting your rifle with practice. This class is intended for rifle caliber weapons. This includes AR style rifles, AK variants, and other modern sporting rifles.

Students who wish to take this class with pistol length or pistol caliber rifles are welcome to attend but may struggle at engagements beyond 200 yards. You may be asked to "sit out" shooting at distances to aide the rest of the class.

What you need to know

Image by Clint Patterson

Students should bring 200 rounds of quality ammunition. You should also have more than one magazine to practice reloading drills during class.

Image by STNGR Industries

Full auto or select fire weapons are allowed but you will only be shooting them in semi automatic mode. Anyone shooting full auto will be asked to leave class. Bump stocks, gat cranks, binary triggers, and other "multi shot" devices are not allowed in this class.


An optic is not required but is recommended. If you have an optic it should be bore sighted at a minimum.

Additional Info: If you own a suppressor you're welcome to shoot with it during class. You will be asked to show a copy of your Tax Stamp in compliance with state and federal laws. Students are also encouraged to dress for the weather as we use an outside range.

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